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Third Party Conduct


At KING VISION, we pride ourselves on working to the highest ethical standards and we expect that the third parties that we choose to partner with (“Suppliers”), will share those values and standards. We choose our Suppliers carefully on the basis that who they are and the standards they work to, might reflect on us.


All Suppliers are expected to adhere to these KING VISION Third Party Standards




  • KING VISION expects its suppliers to work in accordance with all obligations under any mutually agreed terms and conditions that are in place between the parties.

  • In addition to complying with their obligations set out in any agreed terms and conditions between the parties, we expect KING VISION’s Suppliers to be aware of and comply with all local laws and standards when providing their services.

  • Suppliers must ensure that they conduct their business in such a way that complies with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries that they provide services to KING VISION, and to work to the highest ethical standards, including, but not limited to the following:

  • To comply with all copyright laws and conventions and ensure any third-party content is used legally

  • To comply with KING VISION’S THIRD PARTY SUPPLIER ANTI-BRIBERY POLICY, AND THE UK BRIBERY ACT. KING VISION conducts our business in an honest and ethical way, we take a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption and are committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships wherever we operate. We expect that our Suppliers will adhere to the same standards as us.

  • To communicate with honesty and integrity always

  • To ensure they maintain accurate business, financial and audit records relating to their business; We expect Third Parties to keep financial records and have appropriate internal controls in place which will evidence the business reason for making payments to KING VISION

  • To comply with all requirements relating to customs, duties and VAT payable when importing or exporting goods

  • To ensure they comply with DAZN’S MODERN SLAVERY STATEMENT; KING VISION is committed to preventing acts of modern slavery and human trafficking from occurring within its business and supply chain and imposes the same high standards on its suppliers. We expect all of our Third-Party suppliers to adhere to our anti-slavery policy and will not tolerate slavery and human trafficking within our supply chains.

  • To provide a safe working environment in full compliance with employment regulations and to demonstrate their commitment to equal opportunities in the workplace

  • To ensure they are compliant with all applicable environmental laws and regulation

  • Suppliers are expected to take all necessary action to avoid the appearance of CONFLICTS OF INTERESTS. Suppliers and their Representatives should ensure that they disclose any potential conflict of interest whereby a KING VISION employees spouse, domestic partner, or other family member or relative holds a significant financial interest in the Supplier.

  • All Personal Data regarding employees or other contractors of KING VISION should only be used for legitimate business purposes in accordance with applicable laws and should be treated as KING VISION’s confidential information,

  • Personal Data should be protected by the supplier in the same way Suppliers protect their own confidential and proprietary information



  • Whistleblowing is the reporting of suspected wrongdoing or dangers in relation to our activities.

  • This includes bribery, fraud or other criminal activity, miscarriages of justice, health and safety risks, damage to the environment and any breach of legal or professional obligations. KING VISION supports whistleblowing in accordance with these Standards.

  • It is the Supplier’s responsibility to ensure that these Standards are adhered to by the Supplier and its representatives. If any Supplier feels that they cannot adhere to these Standards they should make this known to their key contact at KING VISION in writing.

  • If a violation, or potential violation, of these Standards needs to be reported, please report your concerns to your KING VISION contact or KING VISION’s AML Officer.

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